Planned Service Activities

This is a quick summary of the service activities planned.

Obviously, since we are primarily self-funded, the actual number and type of projects completed will be
determined by how much money we raise. Each project is intended to address one of more of the following areas
of focus: Food and water, Health and wellness, Education and literacy, Economic enterprise and employment,
and Fitness and recreation.

• Conduct 5+ days of door-to-door medical visit operations
• Facilitate specialist medical appointments, and advanced medical tests and treatment for the sick
• Operate 5 days of dental clinic operations focused on extraction and restorative surgeries
• Provide eyeglasses to persons in need
• Deliver an oral fluoride treatment program in the bateyes
• Organize children’s feeding programs
• Rehabilitate the roads and walkways in Batey Pancho Mateo including modernizing all adjacent water terminals
• Distribute sleeping mattresses to those in need
• Install solar lights inside the homes of the poor in bateyes Cangrejo, Chichigua and Pancho Mateo.
• Deliver various clothing and personal hygiene items for the men at Cristo Transforma men’s shelter
• Distribute school supplies and colouring books in Cangrejo and other poor outlying communities
• Rehabilitate metal roofing panels in private homes in the bateyes
• Upgrade electrical systems to mitigate fire and shock hazards in private homes in the bateyes
• Provide livestock and dental services to Cristo Transforma Men’s Shelter
• Provide personal skills and employment-related training and assistance to the poor
• Install Little Free Libraries in Bateyes Cangrejo, Pancho Mateo or La Union
• Support a Montessori style community school in Batey Cangrejo
• Inspire and facilitate community beautification projects including house painting & trash cleanup programs
• Promote fitness and sport by assisting with the organization and hosting of a basketball tournament for both genders in many age categories